Sunday, February 15, 2015

iHollaback & Inti Maria Fight Street Harassment, Kick Ass

(note: this happened in 2011 but is still relevant)
Inti Maria is a hero who worked with this international campaign to track and map street harassment. She was publicly threatened by a journalist in Buenos Aires for her work. Amazingly, her organization ( won a petition campaign against the journalist who threatened her and got him fired, after a lot of work. Their story is amazing:
As we weighed our options, I just kept coming back to one of our core organizational values: “we’ve got your back.” We needed a response that showed Inti Maria that we had her back, and showed all our site leaders that if this happened to them, we would have their backs too.
When the publication that Juan Terranova worked for – El Guardian – wouldn’t budge, Inti Maria, Violet, and Gaby worked with the incredible team at to target the magazine’s two main advertisers. We organized another petition that put pressure on Fiat and Lacoste pull their advertising, and it was signed by over 1,700 people. In historic and precedent setting move for the Argentinean media, both companies pulled their advertising and publicly announced their disapproval of Terranova’s threat. Lacoste wrote, “our brand has suffered from being associated to comments we disapprove of.”
Juan was pretty mad about it, too. Apparently, he tried to claim that he wasn't a bad guy, and that his rape threat was only a misinterpreted attempt at "violent seduction." (source) Hmmm....

You can read the latest on what iHollaback is up to here: