Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fernweher Oogles Germany

Germany is going green in a big way. They've now created a lovely logo to promote meat and milk that are farmed without Genetic Engineering at any level. This means no genetic altering of the cattle OR their feed.

I remember in college at the US debating the safety of "Frankenfruit" just for people. But Germans are so concerned about genetic engineering that 78% of them saw a reason why a label even two levels up the food chain makes sense.

Germany is different in a lot of ways from the US. Here, a political scandal means some Senator's mistress has been discovered. But in Germany, Steini Girl is causing a political scandal simply by professing her love for the new chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier in a viral video. It's similar to the Obama Girl videos that came out in the US last year before the presidential election. Except that in Germany, Steini girl is causing a lot of controversy with comments like, "Come under the blanket, my little toy boy." She also refers to Steini as, "the pimp," which is causing the office of Steinmeier to deny all connection and refuse to even comment on the vid.

Ridiculous? Maybe. But Steini Girl is not just some dancing bimbo, she's a 22-year old law student. Steini Girl is a political scandal that has actual political content, unlike the personal mishaps that typically fill up newspapers in the United States. Steinmeier runs on the Socialist Democrat platform, and critics claim that Steini Girl is sexist and could hurt her "pimp's" image.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bacon Flavor: for Adults Only

You might have heard how America has an obesity epidemic, and how restaurants adding bacon to everything is only one of the ways the problem is getting worse. Apparently even bacon-flavor is dangerous now, as schools ban junk food like bacon-flavored potato chips.

Tsk tsk, children. You can't eat bacon-flavored junk food instead of your healthy lunch! You'll have to wait until you're 21, and then you can indulge in hedonistic delicacies like this bacon-flavored Vodka.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Melodrama in USA Today

This Huffington post complains about Alaskan Personnel officials acting badly at a recent ethics hearing. It blames Sarah Palin for leaving a permanent stain on the moral fiber of Alaskan politics; causing legislators to resort to melodrama like making personal attacks, threats, and vulgar language on the House floor.

Now, there's no way that the legislators' atrocious lack of manners is Sarah Palin's fault. She hasn't been seen in Alaska at all since she retired, and she's clearly spent her free time learning how to use Facebook and Twitter, where her post about death panels attracted more followers than any other politician besides Barack Obama.

No, melodramatic conduct is not limited to Alaska alone. Professionalism and manners seem to be unraveling all over American society. Just look at Serena Williams in her last match, where she used so much profanity against a judge that CBS had to bleep out her speech in their broadcast. Serena also apparently gestured with her racket and threatened the judge for causing her to lose a point.

What's next? It seems America is quickly becoming the land of the wild!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Death of the Anonymous

Courts are deciding you don't have the right to remain anonymous online. In a recent New York case, one blogger was outed by Google after calling a model a "skank" and "ho." The blogger is now suing Google for $15 million.

Blogger...Google, yes that's right, it involved this website; blogger.com! And I thought Google was on the side of the free man. It's scary to think what Google could do with all it's stored information if they are on the side of the law.