Sunday, September 13, 2009

Melodrama in USA Today

This Huffington post complains about Alaskan Personnel officials acting badly at a recent ethics hearing. It blames Sarah Palin for leaving a permanent stain on the moral fiber of Alaskan politics; causing legislators to resort to melodrama like making personal attacks, threats, and vulgar language on the House floor.

Now, there's no way that the legislators' atrocious lack of manners is Sarah Palin's fault. She hasn't been seen in Alaska at all since she retired, and she's clearly spent her free time learning how to use Facebook and Twitter, where her post about death panels attracted more followers than any other politician besides Barack Obama.

No, melodramatic conduct is not limited to Alaska alone. Professionalism and manners seem to be unraveling all over American society. Just look at Serena Williams in her last match, where she used so much profanity against a judge that CBS had to bleep out her speech in their broadcast. Serena also apparently gestured with her racket and threatened the judge for causing her to lose a point.

What's next? It seems America is quickly becoming the land of the wild!

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