Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fernweher Oogles Germany

Germany is going green in a big way. They've now created a lovely logo to promote meat and milk that are farmed without Genetic Engineering at any level. This means no genetic altering of the cattle OR their feed.

I remember in college at the US debating the safety of "Frankenfruit" just for people. But Germans are so concerned about genetic engineering that 78% of them saw a reason why a label even two levels up the food chain makes sense.

Germany is different in a lot of ways from the US. Here, a political scandal means some Senator's mistress has been discovered. But in Germany, Steini Girl is causing a political scandal simply by professing her love for the new chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier in a viral video. It's similar to the Obama Girl videos that came out in the US last year before the presidential election. Except that in Germany, Steini girl is causing a lot of controversy with comments like, "Come under the blanket, my little toy boy." She also refers to Steini as, "the pimp," which is causing the office of Steinmeier to deny all connection and refuse to even comment on the vid.

Ridiculous? Maybe. But Steini Girl is not just some dancing bimbo, she's a 22-year old law student. Steini Girl is a political scandal that has actual political content, unlike the personal mishaps that typically fill up newspapers in the United States. Steinmeier runs on the Socialist Democrat platform, and critics claim that Steini Girl is sexist and could hurt her "pimp's" image.


  1. I always thought genetic engineering was pretty badass.

  2. Well, they still have genetically modified food in Germany, and it will actually be easier to find now with the new labeling system! Kudos all around.