Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maxine Waters & Other Crazy Socialists

Watch this ridiculous 70-year old California Democrat stumble over the word "socialize" as she threatens an oil executive:

Maxine Waters is basically a liberal version of George W. Bush: cringe-worthy speaking skills and constantly pushing extreme goals that embarrass most of her party. Known as one of the "most liberal members" of Congress, the media loves to mock her every bit as much as they did Sarah Palin and our late President Bush.

Maybe Waters's claim to fame is just that she's a member of most traditionally disenfranchised groups in the US; black, female, and elderly. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised that her supporters have even more extreme views on big issues like healthcare;

"They [Blue Dog Democrats] should be more concerned about people who are dying than about their basic philosophy, which involves simply money. Which is more important, money or live human beings with flesh and blood running through their veins, who cannot get health care?"
---Hank Johnson (D-Ga.)

Wow, saving lives instead of saving money? That sounds more like bleeding-heart liberalism than scary socialism. But wait, could those two extremes actually be related?

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