Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st Amendment Fails in Indiana

After a notable history of book burning, Indiana is making waves with internet censorship. Last month the Indianapolis Public School System added two new categories to it's Inappropriate Content List; "Alternative Spirituality/Belief" and "Alternative Sexuality/Lifestyles." This means that school computers will now block all sites containing information on dangerous topics such as atheistic views, Witchcraft, voodoo rituals, "any other form of mysticism", LGBT information, fetishes and paranormal events.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is launching a campaign to protest this policy, claiming promotes it religion over nonreligion, which violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Kratz also wrote that this policy discriminates against the 15% of the population that is nonreligious (the fastest growing segment of the American population), and limits student's capacity to expand their knowledge and acceptance of all individuals and beliefs."

Of course this policy limits student's capacity to expand their knowledge and acceptance, but only on INAPPROPRIATE topics; that's the whole idea...If atheists really are the fasting growing segment of our population, then what better way to reverse that trend than making sure children can only read about the mainstream religions?

Note: this post may be unavailable in the state of Indiana.


  1. I've noticed that every religion claims to be the fastest growing segment of the population, but I've always thought the number of atheists was being under-reported. I've known so many people who are complete unbelievers but who have been raised to automatically say they are members of a certain religion when asked.

  2. True, I've seen people say they belong to a certain group just for the cultural or community benefits. But if you go to church functions and don't believe are you an atheist or something else?
    As for atheists being the fastest growing segment, it may be a simple visibility issue. As you said a lot of people were quiet about it in the past, but in the past 5 years I've seen a lot of big movements like atheist billboards and bus ads. Things like, "You can be good without God" or the Fort Worth billboards:

  3. I must say, having a real live lesbian couple as friends...the voodoo thing, scary! And Dangerous.

  4. hahaha, Vapid Blonde! sarcasm is always appreciated at this blog.

  5. "Note: this post may be unavailable in the state of Indiana." At the same time I laughed at this, it is also alarmingly true.