Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fox News, the Best Talk Radio Ever

I was shocked to read today that FOX News has been awarded a front-row seat in the White House briefing room. Why is this so surprising?

It was only last year that this same administration tried to BAN Fox completely from doing interviews with White House staff. Back then, the administration said Fox was not real news and compared them to talk radio.

Now, the White House is rewarding Fox for its "length of service and commitment." Commitment to what? To being a really great talk radio program?


  1. I want so badly to think that the Administration is using some super-smart polipsych moves when they do stuff like this, but I can't help wondering if they aren't just reacting defensively to criticism.

    So, The Boss's staff knows some critical little tidbit that makes sticking a Fox butt in a front row seat the SMARTEST, COOLEST, MOST EFFECTIVE way to neuter 'em! Right? right???

  2. In UK, Fox News would not have been able to operate the way they have. I always feel this jealous rage whenever I hear the Brits talk about their journalistic standards over there. Ugh.

  3. Fox News = The Truth-Seeker's Unwelcomed Lobotomy.

    I loathe even the idea of it.

    I don't, however, loathe this blog or anyone who openly admits to propaganda promotion.

    Good fun and well done on the Wonder Woman avatar.


    - B x