Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toy Drones: Ages 3+

Look what's for sale at Amazon.com...

"This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I'm a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!

It's like I'm sitting right there in the White House with my very own kill list!"

Ah, yes.  Teach your child how to do an airstrike by age 3, and then by the time he's 18 he can be moving onto bigger and better things, like holding up 5 billion in relief funds to HaitiYes, along with the United Nations and good old World Bank, "relief" workers there have managed to build toxic school trailers, infect the water supply with cholera, and put a military dictator in power by banning the most popular party and 13 others from the last democratic elections in 2010. 

Why is this the kind of relief that Haiti gets after the earthquake that left 300,000 homeless and destroyed infrastructure across the nation? Well, the new president's "pledge to make Haiti business friendly made him the clear choice for U.S. interests."  And those school trailers weren't meant to poison the children, they were probably just cheaper since their producer got terrible press after using formaldehyde-laden trailers in United States relief efforts after hurricane Katrina.  Clearly Bill Clinton, President Bush and the United Nations are just worried about economic efficiency here.

Why, their economic efforts have been so efficient that the relief team built an amazing luxury hotel.  At this Royal Oasis Hotel it costs $142-$342 for a night's stay, far more than any of the hotel employees earn in a whole month!  Now that's the kind of luxury that could only be brought to you by professionals like the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund!


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  2. There's now a petition to improve relief efforts in Haiti: http://actnow.uusc.org/site/R?i=BuV6O5mbxF5zei3tLYkjhQ

  3. I signed it with this attached statement: "It's completely unacceptable how the US has held up relief funds for projects that help the most vulnerable, while allowing projects by President Bush and Clinton that poisoned the water supply and used toxic trailers. The luxury hotel built by their campaign, the Royal Oasis Hotel, is exploiting the people of Haiti further, paying unlivable wages and changing the economy of their country in a way that mainly benefits outside interests. STOP exploiting vulnerable people in Haiti and immediately put more relief money into projects that will benefit the most vulnerable people of Haiti, like this eco-village!"