Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Office for Unborn Children

Today, I am writing to thank Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) for jumping to protect our children, even before they are born!! Together, they are working to pass policy that will guarantee healthcare to unborn children, and create an Office of Unborn Children’s Health, to stand up for the rights of unborn children everywhere. As Senator Hatch says, " America itself is built on the foundation of unalienable rights which we receive from God. Government exists to secure those rights." Yes, aren't we lucky in America, to have a government there to promote God's will!

You'd think that giving healthcare to the mother would be just as important, that we could have an Office of Mother's Health too, and someone to stand up for what the mothers need in all of this. But wait...who does God love more, adult women, or unborn babies? Why, there's nothing more pure and free of sin than an unborn baby, while the mothers are just women who got pregnant, and so...I guess we can see why this policy is a good idea.


  1. Is your argument, then, that we should not have an office specializing in the needs of a particular demographic, because that implies God doesn't love other demographics as much?

  2. Thanks for the comment, KRG. My argument is not what you said, but rather that it's not appropriate to make policy for America based on a belief in God. This is why I quoted the Senators and mocked them as such.

    To go deeper into my personal position; a government cannot ensure what's best for a child while ignoring the needs of the mother. I did not state this explicitly in the post because I prefer to let readers draw their own conclusions.

    My blog is meant to be humorous and thought provoking, and I approve of my readers making their own judgments after reading my post and the relevant article. I welcome discussion on all topics and am happy to answer your comments anytime.

  3. And thanks for the polite reply =) Well, certainly Sen. Coburn's language involving God is a big turn-off for many people (though probably those people believe in inalienable rights anyway, no matter their supposed cause..). I also agree that the health of the mother and baby equally demand the utmost care.

    I guess it was because I'm coming from the pro-life p.o.v. that I didn't quite follow your train of thought at first - though I think I understand a little better.