Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bees are Back!

Remember last year, when we were worried about bees dying from cellphone radiation? Well, bee populations have continued dropping globally due to other dangers including pesticides...UNTIL NOW.

"Voice of the people" global champion Avaaz.org has collected 1,000,000+ signatures and has already got one government to read their petition on why bee-killing pesticides need to be banned. Right now, the French Agriculture Minister is looking at this petition and hopefully deciding to enact the ban requested, which might be a good idea since 200,000 of those activists who signed the petiton were French. After pushing the petition in France, Avaaz plans to take it to the European Union and then all around the globe!

Wow, can we remember the last time a petition actually changed anything? Way to go, Avaaz.

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