Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honduras Saves Money by Cutting Education

Honduras, in the grasp of a new military power since 2009, has followed through on it's promise to cut the country's education budget.

How did it do this? Well, first take $100,000,000 from the teachers' pension fund, then lower salaries for all your teachers. If the teachers complain or protest, take away their right to unionize and strike. See? It's easy.

Even when those pesky teachers keep protesting, you can just threaten to end the entire public school system and use charter schools instead.

After all, no good government wants free-thinking, successful teachers, do they? Honduras teachers are referred to as "the only working class that ever truly developed."

Where is the Money Going?
Well, since the education cuts, salaries for both the military and the police have increased. But, that's understandable after all the extra work the Police are having to do while fighting these protestors. The Honduran teachers will not give up, even when they are being teargassed, killed and beaten by the Police.

And IMF, the organization that gave the Honduras government $200 million in exchange for their promise to cut education, says this sequence of events is "broadly in line with expectations."


  1. You know what those teachers need? Capes. It's how Florida is handling employment issues.

  2. @Grant Gosh now, that cape trick looks like a media circus if I ever saw one! No government could really think that is a responsible way to spend money. But if people are getting mad at the unemployment agencies, then maybe they won't feel so bad for those who are unemployed...

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  4. the author of this blog? you can email me. fernweher425 @ gmail.com . or if you mean a different author, just let me know.

  5. Also, unnamed poster: Thank you for your interest.

  6. As I read this, I kept wanting to yell out, "You wrote Honduras, when you mean to say New Jersey! Typo!" but then I got to the part about hiring more police, and I said to myself, "Nope - Christie cuts them too."